New Collection 2014-15 “DESTROY YOUR BONES”

Mosca Negra Street Wear is a trade mark which is inspired by the freestyle sports in order to be different from the conventional and create trend among riders and fans of urban sports. Remember: “Be Pro Destroy your bones!”

Both glasses wood bamboo as they are handmade and environmentally friendly. To manufacture have been selected the best woods and Asian bamboo rods. The lenses are POLARIZED and UV400 protection (UVA / UVB protection) CE. They have a very soft touch, they are light and flexible hinges to suit the face. Hinges are stainless steel, they can be wet and float in the water!

Sunglasses 100% bamboo and wood laminates quality at an excellent price. There are different glasses from bamboo and wood. All are served with a bag and towel for storage.


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