Alias: Couceiro
Name (and Last): Diogo Henrique Esteves Couceiro
Date of Birth: 06/12/1999
Residence: Lisbon (Portugal)
Type: Skimboard
Years Riding: 5
Favorite place to practice: S.Pedro beach and S.João beach
Idols: Blair Conklin, Sam Stinnett, Afonso Ruiz
Favorite trick: Aerials and Shovits
Food: Sushi
Music / favorite band: Artic Monkeys, Daft Punk, Script etc
Championships:  Folha circuit (3rd place), Nacional Circuit (Sub-national Champion), European Circuit (5th european)

Comment: I want to thank Mosca Negra for giving me this opportunity to belong to this team and I am very happy to represent it in my country!
Now is to give the maximum and reach the maximum in sport and bring the brand to the podium!

  • National Circuit Portugal (2nd)
  • Folha circuit (3th)
  • European Circuit (5th)